Welcome to Multiloads

Multiloads (Pty) Ltd , established in 1988, is a medium sized transport company that specializes in transport of packaged consumer goods and industrial products throughout Southern Africa.

About Multiloads

The company regards the maintenance of above average service levels to its clients as the key to its success over the last two decades. The service we provide to our clients largely distinguishes ourselves from our competitors and the client is always ensured of personal commitment from the company’s top management.

The company is involved in social up-liftment via the participation in business ventures with black owned small businesses. In particular some of the functions within the organization are outsourced to small BEE businesses. Furthermore technical and financial assistance is given to BEE subcontractors who are used as part of the fleet.

Skills development is done via a training program especially for the drivers of the company. This is done with a dedicated training facility and training officer who is involved with driver training and evaluation on a full time basis. The company is busy developing its training base further and would be seeking SETA accreditation in the near future..

RTMS (Road transport management system)

It is with great excitement and pride that Multiloads Management is able to announce that the company has received its RTMS accreditation. The RTMS (Road transport management system) is a voluntary self-regulation scheme similar to an ISO9002 quality accreditation, specifically done by the transport industry that encourages amongst others, transport operators to implement a vehicle and driver management system that preserves road infrastructure, improves road safety and increases the productivity of the logistics value chain. The system focus on the following:

  • Regulating the service and repairs of all vehicles to Original equipment manufacturer standards.  This improves vehicle safety and improves vehicle availability.
  • Management of driver skills, driver fatigue, road behaviour and driver wellness.  This improves road safety and reduce road accidents and incidents
  • Management of load safety which reduces overloads and damage to the national roads.
Multiloads joins a couple of world class transport operations which have attained the accreditation. Transport contractors with the RTMS accreditation can be identified by the following sign which is attached to the front of vehicle.



Our Fleet

The company boasts a fleet of 103 of truck tractors and rigid vehicles. Trailers that are used with the trucks include:

  • Superlink Tautliners and Flat decks.
  • Tri-axle Flat decks.
  • Low bed trailers.

Workshop Facilities

The company has a fully equipped workshop on site with skilled personnel and specialized tools to ensure all vehicles are serviced to the required OEM standards. The compliment of workshop staff also ensures that there are mechanical technicians available on a 24 hr basis to cover any breakdowns that could occur on the vehicles.

Vehicle Monitoring

The company has a dedicated control room with 24 hour coverage for assisting vehicles on the road and to monitor driver performance. Digital satellite tracking equipment is installed on all vehicles allowing the movement and whereabouts of vehicles to be closely monitored. This promotes quality control and ensures drive times are kept within the client’s expectations.

Safety & Quality

Safety of our personnel as well as fellow road users are a top priority in the company. All candidate drivers are subjected to pre-employment medical testing to ensure drivers are fit for duty on the vehicles. All personnel are receiving training on the use of fire extinguisher and emergency response training.





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