The company has a dedicated control room with 24 hour coverage for assisting vehicles on the road and to monitor driver performance. Digital satellite tracking equipment is installed on all vehicles allowing the movement and whereabouts of vehicles to be closely monitored.  This promotes quality control and ensures travel times are kept within the client’s expectations.  
All vehicles are also fitted with an onboard camera system called I-CAB which promotes safety awareness amongst drivers and helps the company management to monitor driver behaviour and provides important information for training of drivers.   The cameras are also used with accident root cause analysis and insurance claims.

The camera system has an integrated satellite tracking device and facility that allows the company to grant its clients direct access to the system via the internet.  This allows clients to monitor the progress of vehicles that are doing their specific loads. 
The control room is operated on a 24 hr 7 day/week basis with personnel logging the movements of all vehicles on the company’s uniquely developed software system. The arrival and departure times of vehicles at each loading and off-loading point is recorded and turn around and travel times are calculated which is measured against specific client requirements. Reports are generated and emailed as per client request from here.  The mass of loads is also checked against truck and trailer capacities prior to departure from the off-loading site to minimize overloading of vehicles.

The vehicles are all fitted with two-way radio communication devices so that contact could be made with the Multiloads control room (or the client control room where applicable) at any time of day. Base station radio sets are provided to the client control rooms so that direct communications with the Multiloads vehicles are possible.

Our Clients

Multiloads offers the services our clients need across all modes to meet their transportation and logistics requirements.