The company has a fully equipped workshop on site with skilled personnel and specialized tools to ensure all vehicles are serviced to the required standards.  The compliment of workshop staff also ensures that there are mechanics available on a 24 hr basis to cover any breakdowns that could occur on the vehicles.  Vehicle service intervals are scheduled as per original supplier requirements and include a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme to minimize unplanned maintenance on vehicles.  This is an extremely important function of the workshop management staff as the availability of the vehicles is a top priority within the company.
Tyre maintenance is also closely monitored with a dedicated fitment team focussed on the care and maintenance of the tyres and ensuring every single tyre on each vehicle is inspected and inflated to standard on a weekly basis.
  • In-house Technicians Daily
  • 24hour Standby
  • Fully Equipped Workshop
  • New Breakdown Vehicles
  • Regular Services
  • Fully Operational Tyre Bay: In-house tyre fitment and wheel alignment
  • Tyre maintenance


The Workshop Managers are responsible for organizing and allocation of the mechanical maintenance personnel and assistants, scheduling of vehicles for service and managing suppliers and service providers involved with the maintenance and care of the fleet.  They are also responsible for the quality of workmanship performed in the workshop as well as management of the stores and spares.