Our Fleet

The company boasts a fleet of 103 of truck tractors and rigid vehicles. Trailers that are used with the trucks include:

  • Superlink Tautliners and Flat decks.
  • Tri-axle Flat decks.
  • Low bed trailers.

The design of the trailers ensures that loads can be sealed for quality purposes and also ensures the cargo is kept dry and clean throughout transportation. Other vehicles include double axle flatbed trailers and a variety of smaller flatbed 8 tonner rigid vehicles including off-loading cranes on some vehicles. The company maintains a replacement programme to ensure that the mainline vehicles are all relatively new, reliable and cost effective.


Majority of our trailers are Tautliners, we have experience in most commodities transported with tautliners.

Flat Decks

Flat decks, we have a number of flat deck trailers used for all sorts of commodities, our drivers are well experienced in securing and covering flat deck loads.

Low Bed Trailer

Low bed trailer, we also have an abnormal low bed trailer, which we have used to transport train locomotives, heavy train rails, truck tractors, tipper trucks, tractors, TLB’s, earth moving equipment and even the odd container.